Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Apple Con Report

On Sunday, June 13, Redemption made its first major public appearance at the Big Apple Convention. Lee, Douglas, Kirkland, Avery, and Eric came to help, and they succeeded in selling 4 DVD's. Brimstone was also there and he took some disks to sell as well.

Thanks to all you of you for coming. Here's a picture of the crew. That's Diana with us also.

Romantic Comedy Soap Opera

This is the first "acting" scene without me that I have edited for the project. Kristi-Lynn was a very-last-minute replacement for a cast member who had not shown up for the last rehearsal and whom we thought we had lost forever. It turned out she had been called on an emergency trip for work to California without her cell phone or any way to contact me, which was a shame because she had created this character and had really great chemistry with Vince. I went through a mad emergency casting process and got very lucky in being able to confirm Kristi at 2:30 PM the afternoon before this shoot.

Kristi turned out to be a great addition to the cast. She is a boxer, wrestler, and stunt person who threw herself into the role. We gave her a crash course in grappling basics and immersed her in what the scene was supposed to be. I think she did a great job!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Round 2 is up!

Here's the rough cut of Round 2 of the tournament scene. No music this time, I'm hoping to get some new music from certain local musicians.

This is the video that was banned from the Grappler's Quest Facebook page!

The matches here are between Kirkland Campbell and Derrek Bolster, Vincent Gottschal and Kristi-Lynn, and Douglas Ahammer and Avery Man.