Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest news

Since my win I have had about as many weeks not going to East Coast United Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as weeks that I have. Work opportunities, deadlines, and once simply missing the train kept me away. However when I have gone, interesting things have happened.

There are a few new people in the beginner's and white/blue belt classes. I have been able to use this as an opportunity to try moves that I could never execute against anyone better or stronger than me. At times I have come home thinking I am actually getting better. Then the next class I will spend most of the free rolling time with someone sitting on my chest.

I have learned about opportunities to look for pulling guard. I am getting a little better hip movement from the bottom. My strength training with G.A. West must be helping a little, because after three weeks away, I was able to do a sit-out drill a lot better than I ever had. I even got out of a triangle choke and successfully executed a particular takedown more than once.

My training and grappling competitions are taking a bit of a break, though, as I prepare for the Pennsic War, an event of my other martial art: armored swordfighting. I am shooting a video there.