Saturday, January 24, 2009

Report from United Filmakers & Actors meetup

Just got back from a "meetup Group" of United Filmakers & Actors, to find that my phone service was out, so I couldn't post a here it is now.

I was on FIRE that night. When it came time to give my pitch, I had the audience laughing and cheering. Afterward, folks came at me from all sides saying that they were interested in getting involved in this project. I wish I had recorded the evening, because it felt really good.

We will see how many of these contacts pan out. About a half-dozen people said they would come to this Saturday's audition/workshop, including fur or five women and a couple of skilled and experienced martial artists. This would be great for the production. I also talked with two music people, a location scout, a couple of producers, and a guy who says he wants to cast me as the lead in a comedy feature he has written.

It's all very exciting!

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