Sunday, February 1, 2009

Workshop Report #3

We did things a little differently yeasterday. In the instructional period, we focused oin positions and transitions, escaping side mount, escaping mouont, sweep from butterfly guard, armbar from guard. Instead of free rolling, we hjad the auditioners work cooperatively, building mini-routines through trading move for move, counter for counter. Then when we hat the tag-match, we divided the group into two teams to see how well they would work together. It also hel;ped me see particular matchups that I had been curious about. Also my friend Phil Fiuymano of NY Rocks TV held the camera, so I could pay more attention to what was going on, and take a more critical eye at the participants.

I am proud to say that the people who concerned us last week all showed the improvement we needed, and everyone else that we were comfortable with gave us what we wanted.

After sending out the invites, I will post the official cast list. Video will be up soon.

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