Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Hate/Love This Sport

I just got back from by first ECU BJJ class in a while (my new work schedule had kept me away) and I have to say one thing:

I hate this sport.

I hate the agony of the physical exertion needed to go through the warm-ups. I hate the feeling of  sheer terror and uncertainty I feel when sailing through the air and not knowing how, where, or when I will land when being the victim of a properly executed throw. I hate the feeling of suffocation when underneath a smothering side mount. I hate the feeling of panic I get when I realize I can't breathe and have to tap or pass out.

But you know, after tapping out, I bounce up and I am ready to do it again. Maybe I enjoy the feeling of relief and rebirth that I get when the other guy gets off of me. Maybe I dig the look that the hard work and exercise gives to my body. Maybe I enjoy the near-post-orgiastic afterglow of a good long hard training session. Maybe I enjoy the testosterone rush that I get from the exertion. Maybe I like the challenge of seeing just how far I can push myself, how much I can learn, how well I can apply what I have learned in a fight. Maybe I enjoy the comraderie and support I get from my teammates. Maybe I just like feeling like a badass fighter when I walk down the street with my hood up, my gear bag in one hand and my Muscle Milk shaker cup in the other.

I love this sport.


  1. Well, I did not plan on telling you this.. but since you wrote this.. I was at the gym 5:30 this am doing my usual 1 hour spinning class. I close my eyes and zone out, or into whatever makes me feel like flying (full exertion mode). It was you, running across the battle field into the Tuchux.
    I'm well acquainted with that post exertion - near orgiastic feeling. I've had a wacky smile on my face all day. I am amused that image of you running across that field is involved, but I suppose I must thank you for it?

  2. Thank you for sharing that with me. I live for these moments :)