Tuesday, August 13, 2019


So, again it has been a while since my last post. I can let the cat out of the bag now. The objective for which I was training was the TV show "Knight Fight." I had been invited to be on the show and, despite my torn rotator cuff (more about that someday) figured I would be the "(my age) comeback kid." I worked out like a fiend to get in shape, even feting back into the full-contact arena at Sword Class NYC. In the end, however, they decided to cut me before my episodic was to be shot, and I would up watching it from Emblem Sports Bar with the members of the NY chapter of the Armored Combat League (including several fighters who were on the show).

But then I got cast in some plays, and was not making it to the gym as often, so my fitness diminished. I made up for it a bit by bicycling to the rehearsals, and the rehearsals did include a strong dance element, which was good. But when spring came back around, those jogs around the lawn were tougher than hey had been at the end of last summer.

So about two months ago I made the decision to get back on the fitness track. I did not feel like I was in the "top 5" of the worst shape of my live (the bicycling and dance were keeping me active) but I was definitely "fatter" than I have ever bee. Those 34-waist pants have not closed around my waist in a few years now. My serratus anteriors had disappeared. I had that fat roll under my arms that connects the back to the chest that football linemen have.

Now, I still have that torn rotator cuff (looking at surgery very soon), so there are certain things I cannot do with my right arm. But I still have those "Insanity" workout DVDs, so I have been using them.

More to come.

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